2017 Energy Conference

When Small means Big – Bringing Clean Energy Mainstream

The 2017 CUEN Energy Conference was held on 8 June 2017 at the Judge Business School. This day included an interesting debate with energy leaders, innovators, and regulators about what we can do to bring clean energy mainstream and make the most of it. We learned how the energy is being disrupted by decentralisation that could lead to a sustainable future. From independently generating clean energy to effective energy management, some corporate leaders have already left others behind in capitlising on the shift. Thank you Energy@Cambridge, Cambridge Cleantech and the Judge Business School for their support in putting on this event.


16:30Opening Remarks
> David Reiner – Professor, Energy Policy Research Group, Cambridge Judge Business School
17:00Introduction to our panelists and refreshments
17:30Panel bringing clean energy mainstream
> Dan Barry – Global Head of Environmental Products, BP
> Giovanni Terranova – CoFounder and Managing Partner, Bluefield Partners
> Peter Bance – CEO, Origami Energy
> Martin Schoenberg – Energy Efficiency Finance Consultant, UN Environment Finance Initiative
> Pamela Taylor (moderator) – Partner Enforcement and Innovation Link, Ofgem
18:45Closing remarks
> Ilian Ilieve – CEO, EcoMachines Ventures
19:15Networking session