The Cambridge University Energy Network

About Us

Executive Committee 2013-2014

Laura-Lucia Richter, President

    Laura is a PhD student at the Department of Economics and member of the Electricity Policy Research Group (EPRG). Her research addresses technology diffusion of micro-generation technologies, smart grids and energy demand patterns. Before coming to Cambridge she completed her MSc in Economics at the University College London (UCL). Laura joined CUEN in 2012 and is mainly interested in the options to set up a smart electricity system and in related behaviour change.

Michal Filus, Vice-President

    Michal is a 2nd year PhD student at the Centre for Atmospheric Sciences group, Department of Chemistry. His research interests lie in the understanding of transport mechanisms of pollutants in the atmosphere. Although, the research area is not closely related to the energy sector and research, this issue has always been one of his passions. Before coming to Cambridge he pursued a MChem in Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland. Michal joined the CUEN in 2012 and is mainly interested in the energy impact on the environment and sustainable energy generation, sources and utilisation.

Marta Musso, Secretary

    Marta is a PhD student at the Faculty of History, currently researching the impact of the international oil industry on Algerian decolonisation. She holds an MA in History from the University of Turin and an MA in Journalism from the University of Sheffield. She is particularly interested in industrial history, the relations between State and enterprise and energy commodities. She collaborates with the historical archive of Eni, the Italian oil company, as a researcher and media producer. She is a founding member of Eogan, the European network of oil and gas archives, and social officer for CISA, the Cambridge International Studies Association.

M. Mustafa Kamal, Junior Treasurer

    Mustafa is a 2nd year PhD student at the Energy group, Department of Engineering working on the premixed and stratified flames and its application to gas turbine engine. He holds a Bachelor in Mechanical engineering and a Masters in Advanced Mechanical engineering from University of Leeds. Mustafa joined the CUEN in 2012 and he has a strong interest in energy related technologies and development.

Giulia Privitera, Senior Advisor

    Giulia is a post-doctoral researcher in the Engineering Department at Cambridge University. She holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the same University, a MSc in Condensed Matter Physics and a BSc in Physics from the University of Pisa, Italy. She is working in the Nanomaterials and Spectroscopy Group at the Centre for Advanced Photonics and Electronics (CAPE), and her research is focused on the development of printable and flexible (opto)electronics based on nanomaterials, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Besides technical aspects, she is strongly interested in the environmental and social impact of renewable energies and in sustainable development. Giulia joined CUEN in 2011 and, after having covered different roles in the committee over the years, she now aims to inspire and advise the new members on CUEN vision and activities.

Nicholas Ramskill, Funding Officer and Webmaster

    Nicholas is a PhD student at the Magnetic Resonance Reserch Centre in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. His research is focussed on developing the understanding of the fluid mechanics of exhaust gas flow in Diesel Particulate Filters, which are systems that have been developed for the abatement of emissions from diesel engines. He holds a Masters degree in chemical engineering from the University of Leeds. He joined the CUEN in 2013 and has a strong interest in the energy industry particularly in upstream technology in the oil and gas industry.

Emilie Hobbs, Publicity

    Emilie is a third year undergraduate student studying Geography at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. She joined CUEN in 2013, and has been interested in energy since reading David MacKay's 'Sustainable Energy - without the hot air' for her Cambridge interview. She is particularly interested in sustainable energy policy, and in bridging the gap between research and action.

Olivia Nicoletti, Publicity

    Olivia is a Postdoctoral Research Associate at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, carrying out research in plasmonics in metal nanoparticles via the use of electron microscopes. She obtained her PhD from the University of Cambridge (Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy) in 2012. Olivia joined CUEN in 2011 and aims to raise awareness in global energy and environmental issues by increasing the visibility of the work of CUEN within the University of Cambridge.

Sarut Chayanupatkul, Logistics

    Sarut is an MPhil student in the Energy Technologies programme at the Department of Engineering. He holds a Bachelor in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Illinois, USA and a Masters in the same subject from Northwestern University, USA. His previous research involves the development of self-healing conductive polymer and optoelectronically active material for solar hydrogen production. Sarut joined CUEN in 2013 and is very interested in renewable energy technologies and energy-related materials.

Alper Ozmumcu, Content

    Alper is an MPhil student in Energy Technologies at the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge and a member of Clare Hall. His interests lie not only in technologies for sustainable energy supply and use but also in economics and policy aspects of energy systems. He holds a BSc in Civil Engineering from Bogazici University, Istanbul with exchange studies at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. Alper joined CUEN in 2013 and aims to raise awareness in global energy and environmental issues.

Wenting Hu, Student Advisor

    Wenting is a research student in the Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology after his undergraduate studies in the same department. His research focuses on clean coal technology, in particular, Chemical Looping Combustion. He joined CUEN in 2011 and is mainly responsible for updating website information as well as some other publicity issues.

Mohammad Ismail, Student Advisor

    Mohammad Ismail is a PhD student in Energy Group of the Department of Engineering and carrying out research in the development and performance of mixed oxide carriers for chemical looping combustion of coal. He graduated from the Department of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Ismail is also a faculty member of University of Dhaka. In his scientific career, he was dealing with bio-fuel production technology from agro-waste and MSW, petrochemical synthesis from aromatic compounds etc research. Ismail joined CUEN in 2012 and has a great interest in contributing carbon capture and sequestering (CCS) and production of sustainable fuel.

Michal Chudy, Student Advisor

    Michal holds a PhD degree in technical physics, Msc in nuclear physics and an additional Bc. degree from social sciences (European Studies and International Relations). His studies were made at Comenius University in Bratislava, Vienna University of Technology and University of Cambridge. During his scientific career, he was dealing with following research areas: superconductivity, materials for future fusion power plants, irradiation damage, environmental radioactivity, social aspects of nuclear industry. He was involved in projects with JINR Dubna and CERN - ALICE. Currently, he is a research associate at the University of Cambridge, Department of engineering. His research is dealing with development of high power superconducting wind turbine.

Professor John Young, Senior Treasurer

    Prof. Young is the Hopkinson and ICI Professor of Applied Thermodynamics and a Professorial Fellow of King's College. He read Engineering Science at Christ Church, Oxford, from 1966-69 and obtained his Ph.D from Birmingham University in 1973. In 1976 he joined the Cambridge University Engineering Department and worked at the Whittle Turbomachinery Laboratory in West Cambridge until 1999 when he moved to the Hopkinson Laboratory on the main Department of Engineering site,CUED.