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CUEN Conference 2011-Gale Force: Offshore Wind Power


Offshore Wind

Electricity generation accounts for one third of all carbon emissions in the UK. Reducing emissions by increasing the amount of renewable energy sources is therefore essential to achieve a significant reduction in the UK's carbon emissions and reach the European 2020 energy goals. One good source is offshore wind power, considering the abundance of windy stretches along the British coastline. Recent developments have  already made the UK the world largest producer of offshore wind power, but  the UK still lags behind the proposed targets and it’s estimated potential. With nuclear power facing challenges after the Fukushima disaster, a solution has to be found for future low carbon energy production.

In bringing together professionals, academics, and students, all with a common interest in offshore wind power, this conference aims to inform, inspire and facilitate interaction between the people whose diverse skills will play a role in this important area. The conference will be a one-day event on Tuesday 28 June 2011,and will include speaker sessions and discussion panels so that delegates can ask the questions that matter to them. There will be opportunities for attendees to network at the buffet lunch, coffee breaks, and wine reception, which are all included as part of the conference fee.

The conference is sure to be highly rewarding for industry leaders hoping to gain insight into a rapidly developing market, and for members of the research community who will encounter the latest ideas in their field.

The aims of the 2011 Annual CUEN Symposium are to:

  • Explore the technological, political, and financial aspects of sustainable power generation
  • Highlight the groundbreaking research being carried out in Cambridge and other academic nstitutions, creating lasting partnerships between academia and the world of industry, policy-makers and financial institution;
  • Encourage cross-communication by providing a networking platform between the brightest and most enthusiastic students,businesses, and industries urgently looking for the required skills to enable and provide a sustainable future.
  • Identify areas of potential cooperation between industrial and academic institutions. 

Confirmed speakers:

  • Stephanie McGregor – Director of Offshore Transmission Ofgem
  • David Newbery – Electricity Policy Research Group, Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge
  • Richard McMahon – Electricity, Power and Energy Conversion Group, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
  • Bruce Valpy – BVG Associates
  • Professor Peter Tavner – Chair of New and Renewable Energy in the School of Engineering and Comupting Sciences, Durham University
  • Christopher Smith – CFO, Cape Wind
  • Elke Delnooz – Operation Support Manager, Shell/NordZee Wind
  • Lukas Weissensteiner – Technical University Vienna

Sponsor: Royal Dutch Shell